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Is Tom Cruise Has Fallen In Love With Mission: Impossible 6 Co Star ?

Tom Cruise

Again Tom cruise has fallen in love with mission impossible co star Vanessa Kirby. According to information Cruise wants to make Kir by as his fourth wife. He has divorced Nicole Kidman, Katie Holmes, Mimi Rogers. He has divorce from former wife Katie Holmes in 2012. And now he is planning his 4th wedding with Kirby. Kirby is just 28 years old and she is marrying cruise who is 54 years old. Kirby is half of the age  of  Tom Cruise now he has an 10 years old daughter named Suri the mother of  Suri is Katie holmes.  Kirby   previously in love with her co star Douglas Booth.

Tom Cruise


About Tom cruise:

Tom Cruise has fallen in love with Kirby after watching her in the Netflix series. In Netflix series she played the role as an Princes Margaret. And he told the MissionImpossible prouducers  to have a crucial role for Kirby in MI 6th instalment. And Kirbgrown up in Wibledon.

She already had an impressing acting CV. Finally Kirby haslanded a lead role in upcoming Mission Impossible 6 – Rouge Nation. Details of the character is still unclear. But the role would be same as the previous installement as Rebecca Ferguson’s.



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