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Latest News In Bollywood: “Raees Banned in Pakistan”.

Latest News In Bollywood

Latest News In Bollywood: Everyone is familiar with the fact that Indian Movies of Bollywood were banned in Pakistan .But ,Recently ,Prime Minister of Pakistan Mr.nawaz Sharif has approved to the Information and broadcast ministry to lift the ban on the release of Indian Bollywood movies by issuing non objection certificate to Indian films,subject to clearance by Censor Board.

Latest News In Bollywood

In this movie Raees ,ShahRukh Khan plays a role of goon who hates to be called as “battery”. He starts as with harmless attacks and then becomes a gangster of pre planned rackets and becomes the topper of the town.Later when ACP Majmudar is appointed in the same area of Khan ,he meets his equal .Then Shahrukh Khan mingles with politicians who add fuel to his business and he finally takes the throne in politics.

In the first part of the movie ,Shahrukh khan is portrayed as a gangster and later in the middle of the movie,he suddenly becomes a Robinhood,who plunder the rich to provide necessities to the poor and becomes the GOD to the unprivileged .The old concept projected in a new way is the theme of the movie .The performance  of bolloywood badshah has taken hearts of his fans  and left an unforgettable mark.

Latest News In Bollywood: Reason Behind Raees Banned in Pakistan

The main reason for the ban of the movie is not yet known ,but according to the report of IANS the source for ban is”the content of the movie undermines ISLAM  ,a particular  religious section and portrays Muslims as terrorists ,criminals and wanted persons”.

Most of the members have objected to the movie’s release .One of the official of the Punjab Censor board said that they will follow the decision of the central Censor Board .But the director of the movie Rahul Dholakia is not happy with decision to ban the release of the movie and has taken twitter to express his disapproval.

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