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One Of The Top Anchor With Ram Charan….?

Ram Charan

One of the top anchor is now busy with her Tv shows and key roles in the movies and now in Ram Charan 11th movie. We know that she had done an item song in the movie Winner this song made her carrier an turning point. And the song is with her name suya suya song made her popular and the other roles are in a big way to the next films.

Ram Charan

  One Of The Top Anchor With Ram Charan

And now she had an bumper offer in hands. She is playing a key role in Ram charan’s 11th movie and the movie is directed by sukumar. The movie is on impaired Samantha ruthu prabhu is playing a female lead in the film.

In which Ram charan and Samantha is playing a Deaf and Dumb characters in the film. We hope that the movie will take anasuya to the next level in her carrier.

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