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Cheer up! There’s Some Good News to Rajini Fans on Thalaiva’s Birthday – 2.0(Robot)

We all know about the news 2.0(Robot) is making. Movie enthusiasts are hoping that it will be a big entertainer like Bahubali: The Conclusion. The exhibitors are confident that the movie, which will be released in Tamil, Telugu, and Hindi, will fetch encouraging profits as superstar Rajinikanth, backed by the very Khiladi Akshay Kumar, will attract fans from across the nation. Two jaw-dropping news – sale of the movie’s Hindi theatrical rights for a whopping 80 crores and the satellite rights of the film for 110 crores to Zee– are not only giving a hint that the movie has already got back its money but also that a super hit is a sure thing.

Movie buffs are already murmuring, “I can’t wait to see the motion picture extravaganza, superstar Rajinikanth’s Robot 2.0.” Have the patience of a saint before you read this news about this much-awaited film. The stars and technicians behind Robot 2.0 are having a crunch time and longing to winding up and release the film by Diwali this year. They previously said the movie will be released on Diwali this year. However, the marketers of the production unit have planned for effective promotions because of which there could possibly be a delay. Another reason for the delay is the all-embracing VFX (Visual Effects) that will blow you away. Can this festival be on December 12, Thalaiva’s birthday who will turn 67? Well, that’s what Shankar thought – a gift to his fans. However, they said the release will be in the next year (2018), failing to fulfill the fans’ expectations.

But, cheer up! Cheer up! There’s some good news. Thalaiva and Khiladi also couldn’t wait to see the cheers and celebrations of their fans. But, because of the proclaimed delay in the release of the film, they would like them to know that a teaser promo will be released on Diwali to unwrap the look of ace director Shankar’s Robot 2.0. Soon after that, a full-fledged trailer will be released. The director and the producers are hoping that Robot 2.0 will be the biggest entertainer of 2018.

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