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Bollywood Updates: Watch “Dear Zindagi” Movie’s Beautiful & Meaningful Deleted Scene.

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Latest Bollywood Updates: “Dear Zindagi” a beautiful movie which didn’t reach the expectations of Bollywood industry has  left a remarkable  impression in the hearts of the people who appreciate that life is the most precious gift .

Though we are most advanced in the technology youth of this centaury suffers with stress and mental illness which they never open up before their parents or friends.”Dear Zindagi” beautifully reflects how to overcome stress, identity crisis, if one strongly decides to vanquish the self created ghosts of life and live life to the fullest.

Bollywood Updates Dear Zindagi

Bollywood Updates: Deleted scene of this movie “Dear Zindagi”:

The deleted scene of this movie  is an alluring conversation between Shah Rukh khan and Alia Bhatt .In this movie Shah Rukh Khan plays a role a therapist (Jahangir Khan) and Alia Bhatt plays the role of Kiara (girl who wants to find answers to all the questions unanswerable by the society ).

In the deleted scene Shah Rukh Khan describes the courageous girl from the history who has overcome her fears.
In the history there was a Portuguese girl named Dona maria who lived a life as a man served in the army  for 14 years .She disguised herself as a man, Corporal Balthazar .

She hid her identity of  woman before colonel named Alphonso who discovered her secret when she got wounded in a battle.He tells her to come out with her real self and leave the past behind. After  14 years of veil Dona Maria breaks the shackles and reveals her true self as a woman.

By this scene Jahangir brings into light the fact that one should be true to one’s real self to find answers of life and enjoy the nectar of the beautiful flower called “LIFE”.At the end of the movie Kiara decides to tell her family about all her stressful problems and her parents ,friends come together to cheer her.

        In this scene both ShahRukh Khan and Alia Bhatt has acting was awesome and made an impression in the hearts of the audience .It has many things highlighting mental issues that arise due to family and emotional conflicts.

Watch “Dear Zindagi” Movie’s Deleted Scenes here:

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